Things to Do at Santa Monica Beach

There are plenty of great beaches in Southern California. If you can remember the old Beach Boys song, Surfin USA, it is possible to probably name several. But Santa Monica beach is the better. Designated certainly one of “10 Great Public Spaces from the U.S.” with the American Planning Association, Santa Monica beach has something for everybody – fun activities, great views, and a lot of places to acquire something to drink or eat.

If you’re going to Southern California, it’s easy to reach from almost everywhere, even the airport. It’s under ten miles from La Airport Terminal (LAX), in order to even allow it to be your first stop. Simply take Selpuveda to Lincoln. Through the San Fernando Valley, you don’t need to get on a freeway. Take one of the canyon roads to the Pacific Coast Highway. There are many good Santa Monica hotels you can use being … Read more

Santa Monica Homes, a Great Place to Live

Santa Monica is probably the best known suburbs of Chicago, home to many celebrated celebrities and wonderful homes. It’s the perfect area for the famous to feel that they’ve gotten away, sitting on the shores of Santa Monica Bay, nevertheless remain close enough to get at work.

Santa Monica hosts the famous designer Frank Gehry’s house, which is a combination of house and warehouse. Basically, Gehry took a current small house and that are part of it and around it, intriguing, notable and fascinating patterns that, eventually, increase the risk for house look much more a fancily designed warehouse as opposed to traditional stylish home that many designers would live in. Light wood, corrugated metal and chain link definitely not traditional the slightest bit, and yet despite having such harsh aesthetics it’s a trendy home for visitors to visit and look.

Needless to say, once we want to get back … Read more

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